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Charged With a Crime?

My years of criminal defense experience have taught me how important it is to share the full story with your lawyer. I’m attorney Jonathan DeJesus, and as my client, I want you to confide in me without holding back. In the end, this will mean a faster and more affordable resolution to your case. I will provide you with an honest evaluation of your charge and recommendations for building an effective defense based on your goals.

Most likely, we will reach an agreement without going to trial. However, I am an experienced trial attorney, so I will defend you in the courtroom if necessary to achieve the most favorable outcome. Contact my law firm for a solid defense if you are facing any criminal charge in Georgia, including:

  • DUI
  • Traffic offenses
  • Allegations of sexual offenses and protective orders
  • Drug trafficking and distribution, including meth, marijuana and prescription pills
  • Violent crimes, including aggravated assault and attempted murder
  • Sex crimes, including sexual assault and child molestation
  • Juvenile offenses, including property offenses, vandalism and underage drinking
  • Military crimes, including sex crimes, drug charges, assault and other violent offenses

Minimizing the Consequences

If it’s not possible to pursue a dismissal of your charge, we will work to minimize the consequences. Your goal might be to do the least amount of jail time, avoid losing your driver’s license or retain custody of your kids. The likelihood of having your charge dismissed or reduced, or having your penalties minimized is based on a number of factors, including the type of charge, the circumstances of your arrest and your criminal history.

You might also be worried about the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction. For example, your job, your voting rights and your right to carry a gun could be impacted. For juveniles, a criminal charge can affect their ability to get into college, join the military or get an apartment or job in the future.

At Jonathan DeJesus Attorney at Law, P.C., I understand what you’re facing, and I will work hard to get you through this with as little impact to your life and freedoms as possible. Call my Richmond Hill law firm at 912-200-7694 or email me to arrange a consultation. There is no time to waste if you’ve been charged with a crime — call today.

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