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Attorney Jonathan DeJesus

A Passion for Justice and the Law


After obtaining his law degree in 2001, Jonathan DeJesus served on active duty in the U.S. Army for six years prosecuting and defending criminal cases. Later, he began taking on family law and juvenile cases. He is now a member of the U.S. Army Reserves and has his own law firm, Jonathan DeJesus Attorney at Law, P.C., located in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Jonathan became a lawyer because he believes everyone deserves a fair case and effective legal representation by a skilled attorney. He is passionate about achieving justice and using the law to benefit his clients.

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Why Hire Jonathan?

Jonathan’s military background and certification as a general civil mediator sets him apart from other attorneys. If you are a service member, your legal needs are different than those of a civilian. In a divorce, you have unique military pensions and benefits that must be divided. If you’re facing criminal charges, your military career could be in jeopardy. Whether you are in the armed forces or not, Jonathan understands how the law applies to your situation, and he will fight for the results you need.

The first step in resolving your legal matter is to sit down with Jonathan, discuss your case and learn about your options. Call 912-200-7694 or email the firm to arrange a consultation.

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